Art Installation Spotlight: Faberge Egg

Today the name Fabergé has become synonymous with the highest attainable level of craftsmanship. For over a century, these works have captured the attention and adoration of admirers and collectors of art worldwide. They have become a symbol of luxury and regarded as masterpieces of the jeweler’s art. This was understood well before we came up with the concept of a Faberge Egg Art Installation.

Upon taking control of the family business in 1882 Peter Carl Fabergé, a master goldsmith held in extremely high regard by his fellow craftsman, decided to pursue a new direction. It was at this point that he began to assume the role of an artist-jeweler, receiving compliments for his superb contemporary Russian craftsmanship from Tsar Alexander III. Soon he was mainly working on commissioned work for the royal families of Russia and Europe.

In 1885 the tsar bestowed the title “goldsmith by special appointment to the imperial crown” on the House of Fabergé.  At this point the story turns to legend. The jeweled Easter Egg was a masterpiece, so well received that a new tradition was born. From 1885 to 1917 only 65  large  eggs were created, the majority commissioned for Russian Tsars Alexander III & Nicholas II. These eggs were crafted using precious metals and/or hard stones decorated with combinations of gem stones and enamel. According to family tradition, Peter Carl was given full artistic reign to design each egg. Not even the tsar knew what form the egg would take. The only stipulation was that each one should contain a surprise. Despite the short period that these pieces were created, they have become a lasting testament to the House of Fabergé’s ingenuity and dedication to their craft.

 To the Flowerful Events’ team their meaning goes even deeper for several reasons. Like Peter Carl, Flowerful Events’ owner, Michael, was also born in St. Petersburg. He recalls being introduced to Faberge’s work by his late father, an avid art collector and antiques dealer, who actually had the privilege of handling the sale of several Fabergé’s smaller works. Michael recalls the feelings of reverence and amazement upon examination of these works of imagination and ingenuity. Michael’s wife, Kristina Valdmaa, (Flowerful Events’ owner and Lead Designer) also has an interesting connection to the Fabergé history. The Fabergé family relocated to St Petersburg from Parnu, the Baltic province of Livonia (now Estonia). Visiting Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, she saw Faberge works of art for the first time and was astonished by it. Growing up in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, Kristina was proud to share a small piece of history with the renowned family.  Michael and Kristina had been drawing inspiration from Peter Carl Fabergé’s craftsmanship and shared heritage for decades- a design based on his work was long overdue.

Our art installation project was conceived from concepts and characteristics exhibited by the original product- intricate detail, the highest standards of quality, and precise functionality for its intended purpose. Our vision was to replicate aspects of Fabergé’s design while allowing ourselves to incorporate our own floral inspired “surprise” within.  We began by creating an Auto CAD drawing- a computerized blueprint to our project. To create a template we used a CNC Router. This was important because any variance in the template would lead to larger issues down the line.  By far the hardest part of this project came when we had to bend the metal in two dimensions to the oval shape of an egg. Our talented in-house production truly rose to the occasion and solved these and other challenges with ease!

“Since this project was not being built for a client, we were able to create our own timeline and dedicate the attention that it deserved. It really became a pet project for all of us” recalls Michael. Since completion the finished 6 Foot custom event sculpture has been scheduled to decorate a beautiful wedding in August 2013. It is still proudly displayed at the Flowerful Events Showroom located in Eatontown. We are looking forward to the production of more complex new “Faberge Eggs” with vivid details and surprises.

faberge egg

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